Ira Glass of This American Life says, “Great stories happen to people who know how to tell them.” 


Effective personal storytelling is an essential skill for success and it’s one that anyone can learn. In her public workshops, storyteller Terry Wolfisch Cole will teach you how to turn unique experiences into interesting stories that will captivate listeners in any setting. You’ll learn effective personal storytelling tips and tricks that are equally applicable on stage, in a meeting, when making a presentation or speech, as part of your elevator pitch, or at a more personal lunch or dinner. You will have opportunities to discover your stories (yes, interesting things have happened to you!), to select one to craft during the session, and to practice telling it. One-on-one coaching is also available. Book your session today.





Personal Storytelling for Grantwriters
Puget Sound Grantwriters Association. Seattle, WA

"We were empowered by your incredible coaching and caring about our stories. Thank you so much for your belief in our ability."

Connie Bombaci, author, storyteller

"Thank you so much for the positive coaching session yesterday!  You were spot on with your notes and so encouraging about the story.  You are a bright, safe beam of light guiding neophytes to sprout wings and fly into the adventure of self-discovery and performance."

– Jack Griffin, improvisational performer

"Your honesty and kindness is what I needed tell my story for the first time. I am so grateful to have found you!"  

- Rita Neal, storyteller

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