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The Great Hartford Story Slam
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Hartford Flavor Company

At Tell Me Another, regular people just like you bravely step up to the microphone to tell their tales without notes or props. Except for open mic events, each evening is loosely structured around a single theme and all stories are true as the storytellers remember them. Shows are cast in advance and pitches are due a few weeks before the show. Each show is hosted by champion storyteller Terry Wolfisch Cole, who usually also tells a story of her own.

The Great Hartford Story Slam is a competitive event. Storytellers come prepared with a 5-6 minute story. Selection is random and judging is based on quality of the delivery and adherence to time and theme. Winners receive a pair of tickets to the next event and all the glory they can handle.

An Open Mic is just that. Come share your story with us! No longer than 5 minutes, please.

How Do I Pitch My Story?

  • Use the buttons above or send an email.

  • There's no need to write everything out. All you need are a few paragraphs summarizing what happened and, more important, why it matters to you. What was at stake, and how were you changed as a result of the experience?

  • Themes are just to get you thinking. Interpret the theme as creatively as you like.

  • Pitches that take advantage of the microphone to amplify typically unheard or marginalized voices are always welcome.

  • Have we met, perhaps at a workshop or at the show? Please remind me of when and where in your email.

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